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Semantic Engine
(Part IV)

Bundles and Episodes (Chronological Analysis)

Tropes employs two different tools to study the chronology of a discourse. This analysis is based on two notions, Bundles and Episodes:

Most Characteristic Parts of Text (Summarization)

The contraction of the text reveals the Most Characteristic Parts of text. These are "propositions introducing main themes or characters, expressing events that are essential to the progression of the story (causal attributions of consequences, results, aims)".

To extract these propositions, Tropes carries out a complex Cognitive-Discursive Analysis process (CDA). To simplify matters, let us say that each proposition of the text is allotted a score, depending on its relative weight, its occurrence order and its argumentative role. The propositions are then sorted according to their respective scores. To enable you to control the amount of displayed propositions, and to insure that the result obtained reflects the text analyzed, Tropes provides means for adjusting the contraction rate of the text.

Text Style (Semantic Analysis)

The software makes a diagnosis of the Text Style and of its Setting according to the statistical indicators retrieved during the text analysis.

Here are the possible Styles:

Style Explanation:
Argumentative the speaker involves himself, argues, explains or analyzes in order to try to convince the interlocutor
Narrative a narrator states a series of events, happening at a given time, and in a given place
Enunciative the speaker and the interlocutor establish a mutual relation of influence, make their standpoints known
Descriptive a narrator describes, identifies or classifies something or somebody


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