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Tropes and Zoom
Free Download Area

Tropes works under Microsoft Windows (all versions from Windows XP),
on a PC computer (800 MHz or higher) with 1 Gb of RAM and 60 Mb of free space.

English Versions

Click on the links below to download the software:

Tropes V8.4
Last version
Tropes V8.3
Previous version
Download Tropes V8.4 Download Tropes V8.3
June, 2014 February, 2013

Tip: right-click the link, choose the menu item "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer)
or "Save Link Target As" (Firefox), and decide where to save the file.
Uninstall the previous version of Tropes before upgrading to new software.

For other languages
(French, Spanish, etc.)
click here

Please read carefully the license agreement before installing the software.

Warning: do not directly reference this page or target program (not only it is illegal, but it would not work for long because the name of the file and the address change frequently).

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